Daniel Boulud Sued By Former Employee

Join the Bastianich/Batali camp, Daniel. Welcome to life in the big leagues. A former employee of Bar Boulud and Boulud Sud is suing the restaurants for — what else? — wage violations. Graciela Roman worked at the two Boulud operations between 2007 and 2012 and was originally hired as a table busser, but claims she spent most of her shifts doing “side work” like sweeping and taking out the garbage.

She also makes the usual claims in cases of this nature: not being paid for overtime, being “required to engage in a tip distribution scheme,” and getting “wrongfully paid the lower, tipped-credit minimum wage rate, rather than the nontipped minimum wage.”

Attention big-name chefs: just pay your employees. Remember what it was like to work on a line 80 hours a week and get paid nothing? Good. Then compensate your employees like you do.


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