Daniel Boulud’s Latest Hot Dog is Not a Hot Dog at All

daniel-bouludAt Daniel Boulud‘s downtown restaurant, hot dogs and sausages are the main attraction. Up until now, if you wanted Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream after, you had to walk the two or so blocks over to the ice cream shop for your fix- THE HORROR. No longer.

For a limited-time, you won’t have to do all of that walking. In Boulud’s latest collaboration, he’s combining with what is possibly New York’s favorite ice cream shop (notice the qualifier, do not yell at us) to do what America does best: taking foods and making them more worthy of the popular pages on your Instagram feed.

Grub Street reports that this is the first iteration of Morgenstern’s “Heavy Hitters” series, and included are limited-edition flavors like buttered-rum and praline-infused ice creams. But the one people are going to care about is the “DBGB Cool Dog.” What is it exactly? Crème anglaise ice cream, topped with candied green cabbage, spicy honey mustard, and blackberry-raspberry ketchup,on a toasted brioche bun courtesy of Epicerie Boulud.

It sounds weird, and to be honest we’re not sure what to make of it, though we do trust Boulud and Morgensterns with our taste buds, stomachs, and ultimately our lives. Plus, you know it’s going to look good in photos, so there will certainly be customers for it.


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