WATCH: Danny Bowien, Michael White, And Andy Ricker Discuss What Makes A Chef Successful

The restaurant industry boasts one of the highest failure rates in any business, especially in New York, where 80% of restaurants close within their first five years. So how did Michael White, Danny Bowien, and Andy Ricker manage to thrive (at least thus far, for the latter two), building veritable restaurant empires? There are plenty of factors, as they explain in a round table discussion with Culintro and Nespresso, but the main gist is that they constantly remember that they’re not just cooks anymore — they’re capital-C Chefs. “As a cook, you’re like, ‘Oh, I want to make a badass dish and impress all my friends,'” acknowledged Bowien. “But being a chef is realizing that you have people that you’re responsible for, and the success of the business is paying them and their families. It all shifts.”

[Culintro via Eater]

Restaurant Expansion from Culintro on Vimeo.

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