Is Danny Bowien Opening A Mission Burrito In New York?

2012 is officially the Year of (Justified) Danny Bowien Hype. After a very glam GQ profile last week, he showed up in New York Magazine equally bashful about his success and just as eager to keep his head down and catch up on mise-en-place rather than do an interview.

But while discussing expansion plans (he’s cooking up posts in Brooklyn and Paris), Danny revealed an area in which New York cuisine was lacking: the burrito. Sorry kids, Chipotle doesn’t cut it, and while we all have our favorite barrio takeout options, Danny’s been getting positive response on a “joke” about opening a Mission Burrito joint. According to New York Magazine:

Last week, he floated the idea of a Mission Burrito on Facebook. “WTF when?!” replied one fan, presumably already packing a tote bag for her first visit.

“It was kind of a joke,” Bowien says. “But New York does need to eat good burritos. It’s something I’ve been messing around with.” He stresses that any new locations or ventures remain tentative. “We have a couple of awesome leads, but I can’t say which one’s next because we’re still deciding. We’re a tiny company. It’s just, like, me. And a couple of other people.”

WTF when, indeed. There is a gaping hole in our city’s food-fabric that can only be filled with cilantro, avocado, and a lot of properly seasoned pico de gallo. Help us, Danny. Come to our coast’s rescue.


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