Danny Bowien in Instagramming Food: ‘There’s So Many Other Things In Life You Can Take Pictures Of’

Goddamn it. We watched Danny Bowien make tortillas out of masa at the end of the day, and now we’re completely useless at our jobs because all we want is Mission Cantina in and around our faces. Sure, we could order it for delivery, but honestly, tainting a holy masa experience with office vibes would be sacrilege.

We barely kept our focus while he also addressed the issue of Instagramming one’s food at restaurants, but only because the mesmerizing conveyor belt of tortillas had disappeared from the screen. Re: halting the meal to snap photos of your food, Danny says, “It’s just crazy. I don’t give a shit, you can do what you want with your food. I just think there’s so many other things in life you can take pictures of.”

Check out the porny masa vid below, via Opening Ceremony.

[Opening Ceremony]

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