WATCH: Danny Bowien Makes Jimmy Fallon Cook With Absurdly Huge Chopsticks

Yes, they look like props from a late night comedy show — but any self-respecting Asian knows of the enormous chopsticks that their parents used for stir-frying. (Remember, the ones the length of a child’s entire arm?). Danny Bowien respects the giant chopsticks, too, which is why he brought them onto the stage of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. “I wanted to find enormous floppy chef’s hats, but I couldn’t find them in time,” Bowien told poor little Jimmy Fallon as the talk show host fumbled with the big chopsticks.

He wasn’t just there to humiliate the host with Asian cooking tools, of course, it was also the one year anniversary of Mission Chinese’s opening in New York City. Happy restaurant birthday, Mission Chinese! Now — what happened to Danny’s beautiful turquoise plumage? Seriously, it was magnificent, like a peacock, or a Mardi Gras Indian Queen. We miss it.

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