Danny Bowien Shoots Down Mission Cantina Opening Rumors

Forced punning aside (“Danny Bowien is a food guru on a ‘Mission.'”), The New York Post was apparently mislead by an alleged spokesperson for Danny Bowien’s latest foray into Manhattan Food Estate: Mission Cantina. His second New York restaurant would provide an oasis in the so-called burrito wasteland he’s complained of, having hailed from burrito mecca San Francisco.

According to The Post, Mission Cantina was described as “a Mexican food and tequila bar” joint taking over the 2300 square foot former Noodle Bar space on the Lower East Side.

Danny carefully crafted the following tweet in response: “Rumors are rumors. Tequila bar? I think not. Spokesperson? Who? What?”

Bowery Boogie first reported that Mission Chinese ownership had acquired the Noodle Bar space and filed a Community Board 3 application for a liquor license a month ago, but all details about the restaurant have remained speculative, at best.

Looks like The Post might have jumped the gun, but we’re deeply interested in who this wayward spokesperson might be and if they’ll bring us tequila.

[New York Post, Twitter]

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