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Danny Meyer Weighs In On Glenn Beck’s Hospitality Accusation Against Food Network Stars

Remember how Glenn Beck freaked out when he got indecipherably strange looks at Neely’s Barbecue Parlor, owned by Food Network stars/”minority” couple Pat and Gina Neely? Beck’s argument, explained more in length here, attacked the restaurant for allegedly violating the cardinal rule of hospitality: Thou shalt not make thy customers feel uncomfortable in any way. However, Beck wasn’t able to explain what kind of harassment he received, other than being given “the look” and extrapolating that it meant “how dare you come in here.”

But Danny Meyer, Hospitality Pontifex Maximus, found Beck’s accusations puzzling. “Last time I checked, barbecue was about love,” he tweeted. “In fact, I’ve never seen anyone sustain an argument while eating a rib.”

This is true, Mr. Meyer. For one, arguing while eating barbecue is undignified (you try taking the moral high ground while your mouth is smeared with barbecue sauce and torn remnants of paper napkins). For another, there’s this guy we know who makes the same argument about fried chicken.

Beck has yet to respond to the Neely’s rebuttal of his accusations, nor to the internet backlash against him, but he probably never will.


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