Danny Meyer Opens London Shake Shack Right After America Celebrates Its Independence From England

Image credit: Instagram/@shakeshack

After months of planning, Danny Meyer has taken America’s revenge on the British by opening a Shake Shack in the heart of London, the day after America celebrated its 237th anniversary of telling the British off via Declaration of Independence.

The first Shake Shack on British soil is open in Covent Gardens, and according to Serious Eats’ man on the ground, is “pretty much identical” to the American Shake Shacks. They feature the smashed burger patties found State-side (complete with potato rolls, natch), the ‘Shroom Burgers, and the concretes. In a highly diplomatic concession, much of the raw materials come from local British purveyors, which means that there is Scottish beef between those potato rolls, London brownies in those concretes, and British taxes in those receipts. (Accursed British taxes.)

This is the latest outpost in the Republic of Shackistan’s imperialist conquest of the world: they recently opened two Shacks in Turkey and maintain a half-dozen Shacks in the Middle East. How do you feel about your empire lately, England? Oh wait, you’re a Commonwealth now. You’re so quaint.

[Serious Eats]


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