Danny Meyer Sends You Into Weekend With Pearls Of Hospitality Wisdom

If Apple were to ever upgrade Siri, we’d solemnly propose that they copy Danny Meyer’s brain and pour it into the iPhone, because the man is just that good at telling people what to do. Over at Big Hospitality, he has encapsulated his life wisdom into some really nice anecdotes and soundbytes about restaurants that you can bust out during your company’s next leadership/team-building seminar. (Be sure to attribute them to Danny Meyer, Michael Scott.)

Some of our favorites:

Within five minutes of being born, each of us gets our first four hospitality gifts: eye contact, a smile, a hug, and some pretty good food. Don’t think for a moment we don’t go searching for those same gifts in every subsequent transaction of our lives. Do those things in your restaurant and you can’t lose.

The most common error is for chefs and restaurateurs to open restaurants and cook food to satisfy their own egos.

What do I look for in the people we hire? It’s 49 parts how good they are at what they do; 51 parts how important it is to them to make other people feel good. It’s a simple recipe, but simple is hard.

Also, unlike Siri, Danny Meyer has the capacity to love.

[Big Hospitality via Grub Street]

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