WATCH: Dave Arnold Calls Nathan Myhrvold’s Modernist Cuisine The ‘Greatest Cookbook Achievement Of All Time’

Sadly, no normal home kitchen could ever make pea butter, as displayed in the video interview below from CNN, but Nathan Myhrvold will tell you how to make it, nonetheless. (Step 1: put peas in enormous centrifuge. Step 2: turn on centrifuge, pulverizing peas with a force 27 times that of Earth’s normal gravity. Step 3: eat on toast.) He’ll also recount his training in France, his inspiration behind Modernist Cuisine, and his passion for invention — particularly for a method of making cheese pizza without the stringy cheese, which even a regular home cook could accomplish. Bonus points go to Dave Arnold, who properly acknowledges that Nathan Myhrvold is a Boss who has created “the greatest cookbook achievement of all time.”


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