Diageo Teams Up With David Beckham to Help Scotch Sales

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Whiskey in particular is often seen as a drink for older men with little appeal for women or younger drinkers.” …So Diageo recruited David Beckham’s beautiful face and body to help them sell their new scotch whiskey Haig Club, under brand House of Haig to us young female-type drinkers.

(For the record, here is a list of things we’re ambivalent about but would love if they were on David Beckham’s body, and whiskey is not among them, because whiskey is great, and we don’t understand whiskey sales.)

However, we might be better persuaded to spend $65 on a bottle of scotch (which is the price point at which where Haig Club scotches start) if it was going to be poured all over David Beckham’s body.

[Wall Street Journal]

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