David Bouley Made an Entire Health-Conscious Menu for Lou Reed

Before the singer/songwriter/guitarist Lou Reed passed away, he was a frequent visitor and good friend of the chef David Bouley, the New York Times revealed today. And not only was Lou Reed one of the greatest rock legends ever (EVER!), he also happened to be a diabetic — albeit one with a refined palate.

As Bouley recalled, Reed, a longtime patron, asked him to create health-conscious dishes — and he and his sushi chef, Isao Yamada of Brushstroke, met the challenge.

He took part in an ongoing dialogue about food and health with David Bouley, the chef and restaurateur behind Brushstroke and Bouley, where Mr. Reed had been a patron since the late 1980s. Over time, Mr. Bouley and Brushstroke’s Isao Yamada became determined to make dishes that adhered to Mr. Reed’s dietary restrictions.

“There was one dessert he really loved, and I would make it for him,” Mr. Bouley said. Served in different variations at Bouley and Brushstroke, it was a parfait made by squeezing the juice from citrus fruit (clementines and tangerines, for instance), thickening it with a Japanese starch called kuzu and topping it with a quenelle of lychee sorbet. Sweetness came from the fruit, not from added sugar.

“I told him, ‘Lou, you’re still crossing over to the wild side and having dessert,’” Mr. Bouley said. “He wouldn’t have one. He would have two.”

Lou Reed died yesterday of liver failure.


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