LISTEN: David Chang’s Deltron 3030 Track is Here

In the year 3040, according to David Chang and the rap supergroup Deltron 3030, food comes out of a machine. And despite the post-apocalyptic nature of the album Deltron Event II, at least the food is incredibly tasty — “It is rad. You can get anything you want,” Chang says. “You could eat beluga caviar, you could eat the nicest t-bone steak, you could eat whatever.”

There is always an ironic twist, though — and it’s a good thing this track is only 1:17 long so listeners can get to the punchline. And frankly, Chang’s flow is not too shabby. Good job, Chang.

Deltron Event II also features The Lonely Island and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, some of the best-looking men out there.

[h/t Grub Street]

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