David Chang Dining Don’ts: Don’t Be a Dick, Don’t Do Drugs in the Bathroom

David Chang wrote a piece for GQ about how to gain favor and influence in restaurants by not comporting oneself like a penis, and it’s actually pretty solid advice. Writes Chang:

“Get to know the staff, if you want them to know you, too. This is a transient business, and there is much cross-pollination. So when you become a PX [person extraordinaire] table at one spot, you soon become a known commodity at many others. And if you’re a dick somewhere, they’ll remember you everywhere. Also, don’t do drugs in the bathroom.

Order well. As the great French gastronome Brillat-Savarin, put it, “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.” Order like you know what’s going on, and we’ll know you’re legit. If you request welldone meat and you’re not pregnant, you have no concept of flavor. (Sorry, this is how we think.) If you send a dish back because you think something’s “off,” you’re probably wrong. (And the kitchen will hate you for it.) Above all, try dishes from outside your comfort zone—those are probably the ones the cooks are most proud of.”

You can check out the rest of his tips and tricks here.


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