WATCH: David Chang Says He’s The King Of Mistakes And We’ll Never Have Another El Bulli

Writer Steve Dolinsky recently interviewed David Chang at the site of his new Toronto restaurant, where the famous chef mentioned that he was “the king of mistakes.” “But David!” we all thought. David has a culinary empire spanning the globe! David has many award-winning restaurants! David’s farts smell like peaches!

“I feel like it’s really important to make mistakes,” he repeats. “When you’re under the spotlight, whether it’s in New York or Chicago, or, like, if we opened up in London — the scrutiny is so intense, and it’s hard to grow [as a company] — and you can’t grow unless you make mistakes.”

And that’s why he adamantly believes that there will never be a restaurant like el Bulli or Noma ever again: because they were able to “toil away in relative obscurity” while working on their methods. “For Ferran [AdriĆ ], it was like, twenty years of making mistakes,” Chang noted. “You really need that incubation period to find your voice and grow.”

Hear that, kid chef?


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