David Chang’s Seiobo Wins Gourmet Traveller Award For Australia’s Best New Restaurant

A sign of a truly spectacular chef is if he can maintain the quality of the restaurants in his vast empire across a continent. David Chang nailed that feat in Australia, which is, if you think about it, one continent and a huge ocean away from his home base of New York City.

The Australian edition of Gourmet Traveller just named Momofuku Seiobo, Chang’s newest restaurant, as the best new restaurant in the country. This is a spectacular feat to pull of in a country known for its proudly regional dining scene. In fact, the magazine itself is a bit stunned that “the English and Korean-American backgrounds of its chefs,” coupled with an “annoying” reservations system and the fact that it seemed part of a celebrity chef “chainlet”, somehow added up to culinary excellence.

“The front-of-house team is superior to any of its Big Apple brethren,” they declared breathlessly, surprising themselves, “and the package transports diners somewhere new.”

Seiobo, the only Momofuku restaurant outside of New York City (except Houston), opened in The Star Casino in Sydney less than a year ago, but was quickly hailed by many news outlets as one of the best new restaurants in the country.

[Gourmet Traveller]

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