WATCH: Debi Mazar Scolds Wendy Williams For The Unholy Union Of Fish And Cheese

Debi Mazar and her husband Gabriele Corcos stopped by The Wendy Williams Show today to demo a shrimp and risotto dish in honor of their upcoming third season of Extra Virgin, partially shot in Tuscany. Like last week, when Carla Hall appeared as a guest, Wendy refused to touch any of the ingredients and opted instead to drink her way through the segment. Fair enough.

Gabriele took the time to patiently explain why fish and cheese never appear together in the same dish, and revealed that a touch of parmesan was simply a secret ingredient for cooking down his risotto. As the couple begins to plate their dish, Wendy decides she wants to get hands on…and throws a big handful of fresh grated parmesan onto her shrimp. Why even have cooking segments?

Check out the clip below.

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