Gun Goes Off After Being Dropped In A Las Vegas Restaurant’s Deep Fryer

Hey, guess what happens when you try to deep fry firearms? Bad things! Okay, so lesson of the day from dumb criminals: do not, we repeat, do not dump your gun after an (alleged) hold up into a vat of hot oil. Something something science, something gunpowder, something combustible, BOOM EXPLOSION. That’s how it’ll turn out. And you don’t need a Mythbuster to prove it.

A man in Las Vegas was arrested after the incident (in which no one was hurt, by the way), and charged with attempted robbery with a deadly weapon. Apparently, he was shaking down two dudes in the parking lot of a restaurant for cash (money, he claims, the parties owed him), and then asked a restaurant worker to hold his gun for him after police were called. She refused and we guess the best conceal the weapon was to drop it in a deep fryer in the kitchen. Because, why not? The gun eventually went off after sitting in the hot oil.

So now, if the curiosity to deep fry weapons at a state fair or something ever grabs you, you know what happens, and you never, ever have to try it yourself, okay? Okay.

[Huffington Post]

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