Oh, Deer: Mexican Restaurant Shut Down After Inspector Finds Dead Buck In Freezer

Yes, Thanksgiving may have just occurred, and yes, it’s an annual reminder that you should be nice to your friends, but today’s lesson: never let your friends store their recently killed deer in your restaurant’s refrigerator.

Poor Agustin Juarez of Kansas City, MO., learned this lesson the hard way: after he allowed his friend to store a freshly-dead deer in the freezer of his restaurant, he was coincidentally visited the next day by his local health inspector.

The deer was fully intact — fur, hooves, antlers, head, and everything else — leading the inspector to shut down Los Alamos Market And Cocina. (We’re assuming that the excuse “This is una paleta de Bambi!” didn’t work.)

In an interview with local news station KCTV, Juarez insists that the deer never came into contact with any food or equipment, and that the Bambi popsicle only stayed in the freezer. Nevertheless, he’ll have to dispose of the deer in a sanitary way, as well as prove to health inspectors that the food was not tainted. Until then, Juarez’s restaurant will remain closed, giving him enough time to wonder who exactly his friends are in this world.

[KCTV via The Huffington Post]

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