comScore Del Taco Accidentally Charges Customer $10,220 for Six Tacos

Del Taco Accidentally Charges Customer $10,220 for Six Tacos

Thanks to a glitch, or an over-greedy employee, or something, a Del Taco in California accidentally charged around 150 customers thousands of dollars for their cheap quasi-Mexican takeout. Hilariously enough, some of the charges were more egregious than the others!

We know, that sounds impossible. But according to CBS Los Angeles, the charges ranged from $2000 for a soda, to $10,200 for six tacos (normally $10.20). And the poor guy who lost the ten grand: a recently unemployed father whose mortgage check bounced:

“There’s no money in my account right now that I can actually go and have a nice Easter,” [Dino] DeLao says. “It took a damper on my life. That’s a lot of money.”

DeLao was recently laid off from his engineering and fabricator job. His mortgage check bounced and his account continues to be on hold until the money is put back.

Further proof that Del Tacos ruin people’s lives.

[CBS Los Angeles h/t First We Feast]

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