Cookery Poppets, Here Are Yon Details For The Taste UK Auditions

Why, ‘ello there, Guv’nor! I do say, chaps, ’tis the roight crackin’ time for you fine dandies to put yer cookery skills to the test by auditioning for the British version of The Taste, hosted by domestic goddess HRH Nigella Lawson and her handsome blokes, Anthony Bourdain and Ludo Lefebvre.

(To our American readers: Shhhhh, we’re trying to speak British. It’s the only way those people will understand what we’re saying.)

Now, where were we? Right-o! If you’ve got the scones and crumpets to attempt cooking for Duchess Nigella, Channel 4 has got the jolly instructions for you. Hie thee to this online application form, wizards! Or simply ring up Channel 4 at 0207 153 0626 using your phone, if you don’t have internet in your Hogwarts.

Whether you’re a Mrs. Padmore, or a Mary Poppins, or even a House-Elf, all subjects of Her Majesty are welcome to audition. Who knows? One day, you might be as famous for your cookery as this baby is famous for being expelled out of a certain woman’s uterus!

Tea-time! The British Empire! Redcoats! Buggery! Jeeves and Wooster! Scary Spice!

(That’s British for “good luck”.)

[Channel 4]

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