You Need to See This Guy Fieri-Inspired Music Video


Dillon Francis does a pretty good Guy Fieri. This week, he released the music video for his song with NIGHTMARE, “Need You.” In the video he plays DJ Dillon Francis who is hired to DJ a suburban backyard party full of, as Francis told to Billboard, “Good ol’ American dads.” When the music starts to play, the party becomes moms and dads gone wild.

Francis is dressed like Guy Fieri and before the music starts there’s a scene where he talks to the hostess. He uses the word “sick” a lot, and refers to the woman’s husband as “brochacho.” Like we said, he does a good Guy Fieri.

Billboard interviewed Francis and Jack Wagner, who directed the video. Wagner elaborated:

The inspiration for this is kind of like a mix of the dude that installs your stereo at Best Buy and, honestly, the Uber driver that gets too comfortable with you and starts talking to you about his sex life. I have that a lot, where two minutes into the ride, he’s like, “Yo, dude, you wanna get some girls tonight, dude?” There’s like, always that guy who’s kinda reliving his glory days from like ten years back when he went to college. Or the assistant manager of an Arby’s or an Applebee’s. But yeah, Guy Fieri heavily influenced it.

Watch the video:


[image via screen grab]


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