Dining Diaries: Waylynn Lucas Is A Sucker For Tequila


By this point, we’re sure you’ve picked up on the fact that we at The Braiser are not about the food. We’re not about the restaurants. We’re especially not about the reviews. We’re about the chefs. All that celebrity dishy-ness behind the food and the restaurant and the Michelin stars fascinates us. Sure, we looove food, and brag about the fancy places at which we are sometimes are allowed to eat, and will judge you if you “give your stars back,” Marco Pierre White. But, ultimately, we want to know what the people serving up the food are all about. Thus: Dining Diaries was born.

Dining Diaries will ask one chef each week about his or her personal favorite dining spots. Not recommendations, or hawking their co-star’s newly opened whatever as a PR favor. But where a celeb chef goes to eat or drink or brunch or late-night snack or hangover binge on his own time.

Waylynn Lucas has worked as a pastry chef for several big name Los Angeles restaurants, and was the Executive Pastry Chef under Jose Andres at his Bazaar. She recently opened Fonuts in L.A., a gourmet donuts and coffee shop where she experiments with different flavors, ingredients, and methods of cooking.

So, we asked this California girl where she goes:

To get an after work nightcap: El Carmen, it’s a few doors down from Fonuts. I’m a sucker for tequila and they make a great margarita, and great fish tacos!

For a late night meal: Animal, they stay open late on the weekends. It’s nice to get an amazing comforting meal late night.

For your early morning coffee: Fonuts, of course! We sell my favorite, LAMILL coffee.

For a weeknight dinner in the neighborhood: Robata Jinya. I can satisfy any craving: sushi, great ramen, or meat and veggies off the robata.

For dinner with visiting friends and family: Cook’s County. it’s a cozy space with great food that’s simple and very well done.

To get your favorite sandwich: The Bazaar by Jose Andres for the Philly Cheesesteak. This small two-bite modern version of a Philly cheesesteak is unforgettable. Filled with warm cheese, it has a light crunch and Wagyu beef on top. It will keep you coming back.

For a lazy Sunday brunch: Brunch is by far one of my favorite activities. My ultimate favorite spot is The Parker Palm Springs — they have the best breakfast ever! In LA, I also love the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Salt’s Cure, and AOC.

For your weekly grocery shop: Trader Joe’s — I’m walking distance to one from work or home, and it’s healthy, easy and cheap. If I am grocery shopping, then I am usually buying healthy and cooking light for myself. I save my indulgences for dining out!

To order Tuesday night takeout: Genghis Cohen. Chinese is the ultimate take out. Genghis Cohen is close to me and I’ve been eating it for years!

To while away a sunny Saturday afternoon: In the sun, poolside with a cocktail and my doggies!

To celebrate your birthday: Dinner at MB Post and Picca are great for birthdays, but really anywhere as long as I have good friends, lots of food and drink, and great music.

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