WATCH: An Ancient Building Turned Into Dancing Champagne And You Weren’t Invited

Last weekend, the Abbey of Hautvillers, the birthplace of Dom Pérignon, played host to an event to launch the brand’s 2004 vintage. What transpired was so much cooler than the ‘pair this with that’ wine events we’re used to.

Sure, there was a knock-out dinner with six color-coordinated courses to match the vintage’s palate — dashi and oyster juice to represent the silver/grey tones, grilled crab and licorice for red — but a projection titled “The Expanding Universe” that showed on the architecture of the abbey during the meal is what guests came back from France raving about.

The video below shows the presentation, created by Leo Kuelbs of Glowing Bulbs, as well as guest reactions as the building is transformed into historical iterations of the site itself, a dove in flight, the process of creating the champagne, and more, all choreographed to a thumping dubstep track that surely is too cool for the States. It’s enough to make you set down your flute of bubbly (though no one at the party seemed to want to).

We’re pretty sure an unlimited glass of Dom Pérignon was enough to ensure that everyone who snagged an invite to the French fête had the best weekend ever. But just to really seal the deal on your crushing jealousy, check out Geoffrey’s entire menu below, and then allow this video to blow your mind.

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