Dominique Ansel Thanks You For Support During DOH Nightmare, DOH Is All, Yeah But ‘Several Hundred Mouse Droppings’

Bright and early at 8am tomorrow morning, Dominique Ansel will be slinging Cronuts once more after being shuttered by known extortionists at the Department of Health for a severe mouse infestation. Dominique Ansel tweeted his thoughts regarding this difficult time:


Reps from the bakery claimed that the DOH’s beef was with holes, cracks, and other structural issues with the walls that would allow for mice to enter easily, rather than because they spotted any actual mice on their visit.

Although they confirmed that they didn’t see any rodents, the Department of Health said, “What made the infestation severe was that the health inspector found several hundred mouse droppings.”

Look, we get it: it’s impossible to avoid mouse tsunamis in New York City dining, but reading about it IS STILL TRAUMATIZING. We prefer to eat our mouse-nibbled Cronus in oblivious peace.


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