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Dominique Ansel’s Cronut Bakery Shut Down Due to MIIIIIIIICE

Rodents ruin everything, and they just claimed their latest victim: Dominique Ansel’s magical bakery that makes those really popular Cronut thingys.

TIME reports that Ansel’s bakery was shut down by the Department of Health due to a “severe mouse infestation,” whose invasion was first captured by a Gothamist video yesterday and likely prompted the DOH’s investigation. The bakery is known for long lines of human customers waiting outside every morning for pastries, and, apparently, long lines of mice customers as well. (The only difference is that mice don’t have to wait.)

At first, Ansel’s reps denied that they were playing home to dozens of mice and said that they’d only found one, but apparently the DOH found more. They have yet to give a response, but our best bet is that they’re going to pull a Ratatouille and claim that the mice were simply helping them cook their delicious, magical pastries.


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