Dominique Ansel’s New Thing: The Waffogato

Your obligatory “new Dominique Ansel Miracle Pastry” post of the day: the cronut man premiered his new pastry, the “Waffogato,” at tonight’s Taste of the Nation fundraiser in New York City. This means that it will soon be on every morning show in America in about, oh, three weeks. (We have a countdown going on.)

Grub Street describes the Waffogato as a ” vanilla ice cream molded into a waffle shape with tapioca pearls and salted Belgian waffle bits,” with a maple-flavored espresso poured on top. It is magical, because the waffle will melt into normal ice cream and people unfamiliar with the laws of thermodynamics will be astounded to see something melt when hot coffee comes into contact with cold ice cream.

Is it witchcraft? No! It’s Dominique Ansel putting a waffle into an ice cream into a coffee. But he has broken out of his reputation of being that guy who puts two desserts into one dessert: he’s now the guy who puts two desserts into one dessert and then turns that into a third dessert.

It’s dessert cubed. It’s the Matroyshka doll of desserts. It’s…it’s…


[h/t Grub Street]

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