Domino’s UK Responds to Man Claiming Pizza Sex Injury by Slut-Shaming Itself on Twitter


You know what, guys? Domino’s UK is being pretty awful re: this guy who tweeted at them about burning himself trying to make love to one of their pizzas. Behold the entire interaction, as it unfolded, below:

You raised them better than what? Offering blow jobs? Aren’t you guys being a little paternalistic and gross, slut-shaming a pizza for offering oral sex? Who are you, Domino’s UK, to impose some bullshit standards of chastity and morality on a free-thinking, independent sexual pizza being that you, yourselves, created? TO QUOTE CONCEPTUAL ARTIST SOPHIA WALLACE, “ALL BODIES ARE ENTITLED TO EXPERIENCE THE PLEASURE THEY ARE CAPABLE OF.” Who are you, Domino’s to strip a pizza body of its desires?

You guys think on that.

[h/t Gawker]

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