Don King And His PR Team Still Couldn’t #SaveChefJosie

Is former Top Cheftestant Josie Smith-Malave the one thing Don King  just couldn’t promote? It turns out that for some odd reason — either an Elimination-worthy fried chicken recipe that King hasn’t actually eaten, or some sort of overblown reaction to a perceived social injustice akin to Emmett TillDon King hit up every single media outlet in the country and tried to talk them into promoting Josie in Last Chance Kitchen’s “Save A Chef” contest.

Obviously, no one spoke to him — except for The Daily Beast, ABC, TMZ, Gossip Extra, and Zagat — but Gossip Extra mentioned that his PR team had been calling every major news outlet in the country to promote Josie.

Gossip Extra also ran this quote from Don King:

Thomas Jefferson was with Sally Hemings because that woman could cook, and probably not as well as Chef Josie.”

…Sure! That’s an awfully compelling reason. We’ll run with that.

This is almost as powerful a move as The Rumble In The Jungle, where King, along with the government of Zaire, managed to secure a $10 million deal promoting one of the greatest boxing matches of all time! So the question is not whether Josie managed to beat out the beloved CJ Jacobson, but by how much (screencap courtesy of Eater):

Oh. Uh, Sorry, Don King.

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