Donald Trump Gets Punched In The Face (On a Donut)

Everyone’s favorite vegan fast-casual restaurant and bakery, The Cinnamon Snail has created the donut you never knew you needed. They’ve created limited edition “Donald J. Trump Getting Punched in the Face Vegan Donuts,” which “provide all of the satisfaction of punching trump in the face, without actual violence, and without getting his reptilian nazi skin slime all over your hand.”

The donuts sold for $9 at their location in The Pennsy. The price was high “so that they can legitimately raise useful funds for immigration advocacy, and also because they were extraordinarily time consuming to decorate.”

The $9 also wasn’t too price prohibitive; the store opened at 11:00am and the donuts were sold out pretty much right away.


“Donald J. Trump Getting Punched in the Face Vegan Donuts”These delicious Meyer lemon glazed donuts are stuff with…

Posted by The Cinnamon Snail on Friday, March 18, 2016


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