Donald Trump Has Been Banned From A Louisville, Kentucky Steakhouse

Noted well-done steak enthusiast Donald Trump will be in Louisville, Kentucky tonight for Super Tuesday in advance of March 7th’s GOP caucus. But there’s one place he definitely won’t be dining: Jeff Ruby Steakhouse has officially banned him.



In an interview with Louisville Business First, restaurant owner Jeff Ruby explained his decision:

He denigrates women. He disgraces POWs. He disparages the disabled. He badmouths anyone who disagrees with him. He claims to have never heard of (former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard) David Duke and he praises Vladimir Putin. He’s as presidential as Cam Newton.

Well said. Jeff Ruby Steakhouse famously refused to serve OJ Simpson in 2007. Knowing Trump, he probably responded with something like “I’m amazing at eating in restaurants. I’m a known world-class restaurant eater. Restaurants love me.”

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