Donald Trump is Being Sued for Illegally Skimming Tips At Trump SoHo


Well-done steak and filet-o-fish enthusiast Donald Trump is being sued by a former employee of Trump SoHo’s catering business. Deborah Garcia claims in the suit, which was filed on Feb. 13, 2015, that the hotel illegally kept a mandatory 22 percent service fee that was added to customers’ bills.

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump is also a defendant, along with his son Donald Trump Jr. The Hotel’s sushi restaurant, Koi, is named as well. Under New York state law, employers are not allowed to retain any part of a service fee if it’s not clearly mentioned that it isn’t gratuity. To that end, if the charge is not for gratuity, it needs to be written on any receipts in 12-point font.

Garcia hopes that the lawsuit will become class-action so that other employees can join her. In a statement, the Trump SoHo said that Garcia did not work directly for them.

As noted, this calls to mind a similar complaint brought against Per Se in 2012 which alleged that the restaurant kept a 20-percent service fee it charged customers. The suit was settled when the restaurant agreed to pay $500,000 to its employees.


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