Donald Trump’s 700 Acre Lie About His Wine And Other Food-Related Untruths



GOP Frontrunner Donald Trump is known for, to put it nicely, grandiose embellishments, and sometimes outright lies. Last week, Mitt Romney tore Trump apart for his failed business ventures. Trump’s response? Turn a press conference into an infomercial for Trump Steaks, Trump Water, and wines from Trump Winery. After winning Michigan on Tuesday, he opted not to give a traditional victory speech, and instead looked to preserve his brand. The problem is, his water, wine, and steak companies are not what he says they are.

Here are Trump’s biggest food-related lies:

Trump Winery

The Lie: Trump Winery is close to 2,000 acres.

The Truth: In a global sense of all possible acres on the earth and beyond, sure, that’s true. By that same standard, my studio apartment is also close to 2,000 acres. The estate the winery is on is 1,300 acres.

The Lie: Trump Winery is right next to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

The Truth: The Daily Beast points out that the Thomas Jefferson Memorial is in Washington, D.C. and is several miles from the winery.

The Lie: Trump Winery is the “largest winery on the East Coast.”

The Truth: Nope. By size? Sure. His winery has 200 planted acres, but in terms of production, he’s in the top five.

The winery is actually not even owned by Donald Trump. Twitchy pointed out that right on the website, there’s the following disclaimer: “Trump Winery is a registered trade name of Eric Trump Wine Manufacturing LLC, which is not owned, managed or affiliated with Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization or any of their affiliates.”

Trump Steaks

The Lie: Trump Steaks exists.

The Truth: Trump Steaks did, at one point exist, and you could buy them at Sharper Image. Remember this commercial?


But, The Sharper Image’s own website says that “Trump Steaks are no longer available.” And, NPR tried to find them on QVC’s website, but they couldn’t buy them.

The best part of was this reporter’s tweet:



The steaks appear to come from a grocery store, and are by the company Bush Brothers.



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