Don’t Let Anyone Tell You an Avocado is a Hamburger Bun


You already know how we feel about tie-dye foods. Now, there’s a new trend in town and it might just be worse than the colorful bagels:

Allow us to introduce you to the burger with an avocado “bun.” We put “bun” in quotes, because we do not believe that you can call this halved avocado a bun. Not even if it has a burger in between the two halves. A burger is a beautiful, glorious food. With cheese, without cheese. Beef, turkey, veggie. We’ll take it all.

But there are some things we just cannot accept. We have our standards. This avocado “bun,” burger, gorgeous as it may be (and it truly is beautiful), is not a burger. As First We Feast points out, it is a salad.

The dictionary defines a bun as being “a sweet or plain small bread; especially: a round roll.” Though an avocado is round-ish, bread is the operative word in the definition. Plus, as many Twitter users have pointed out, an avocado completely defeats the purpose of having a bun at all. What are you supposed to do with this thing? Pick it up with your hands?

For the love of food, and of nature. Please do not let anyone tell you that this avocado is a bun. It is not. Just avocaDON’T (we apologize for that).

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