WATCH: Another Awesome Dramatic Reading of a Yelp Review

It seems our prayers for “Dramatic Readings Of Yelp Reviews” to become a series have been answered, and in the newest video, one reviewer decides to tackle the injustices perpetuated by the Yost Theater in Santa Ana, CA. You see, guests were promised a 100-minute vodka bar on New Year’s Eve, but it seems the theater “promises things and doesn’t deliver.”

Garret M., who posted his complaint on Yost’s Facebook page as well as on Yelp, wants to let the theater know that “the people” who attended and were cheated out of 25-minutes of New Year’s vodka aren’t going to stand for that kind of treatment. They’re not just going to “talk to the management”. They want retribution… or at the very least, humiliation.

The actor behind the dramatic reading, Bill O’Neill, delivers a performance that runs the gamut of emotions portrayed in the review, from “ripped” to “broken”. He masterfully conveys the indignation of a customer promised a full hundred minutes of vodka, only to receive 75 minutes instead. The best part of his performance is his closer, the “Shame on you, Yost Theater” that’s filled with heartbreak and rage. Well done, sir.


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