Tonight in Food TV: 4 Episodes of Knife Fight, More Top Chef Alums Than You Thought Possible

Knife Fight is closing up shop tonight, with its final four episodes marathoning all in one 2-hour slot on Esquire Network, and they’ve saved the most recognizable contestants and judges for last.

You’ve got Mark Peel judging alongside Michael Voltaggio for one episode, and Knife Fight executive producer Drew Barrymore in the finale. You’ve got Top Chef Masters alum Neil Fraser going up against Raphael Lunetta in the final Knife Fight of the season. Two-time Top Chef competitor Stefan Richter faces Bruce Kalman in a battle with oysters, quail, and nasturtiums. Head spinning yet? We told you so.

Check out a handful of sneak peeks below, and tune into the last installments of Knife Fight at 9pm on Esquire.

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