FOOD FEUD: Buddy Valastro Vs A Drunken Cake Thief

Occupy Carlo’s Bakery, you guys. Apparently, they were giving away free cakes at Buddy Valastro’s newest bakery location in Pittsburgh yesterday, for which hundreds of people showed up and stood in an orderly line. Everyone except William Davenport, who later admitted to being just a wee bit drunk.

He jumped the aforementioned orderly line and stole four of the free cakes worth $27 from a storage area, which police say “caused a great commotion” amongst previously calm line-standers. Apparently, officers had to break up some other fights that broke out when copy-cat offenders also tried to jump the line after drunk guy.

But let’s look at the legal facts: a drunk person tried to steal four free Buddy Valastro cakes. There isn’t a jury of miserable, insecure women in the world who would convict him!

[Huffington Post]

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