WATCH: Drunk Hell’s Kitchen Contestant Accidentally Destroys Team

You know how it goes: you’re drinking wine out of the bottle in a jacuzzi to unwind after a long day of reality show filming and you totally misreport the shit-talking upon which you were eavesdropping to your competition teammate. Hey! It happens to everyone.

On this week’s Hell’s Kitchen, the boys’ and girls’ teams were facing off in a Mexican fine dining challenge when Kimmie, a ladychef from Memphis, created a taco dish that beat out apparent taco connoisseur Royce‘s on the boys team. Royce’s beef? She used a flour tortilla, which, as anyone who’s ever ordered chicken fajitas at Chili’s knows, is majorly inauthentic. But, her flavors were better, so her dish won out.

After Royce unleashed a jacuzzi-side bitchfest over Kimmie’s taco bastardization, a naked-wasted Tiffany thought it was be a good idea to report the incident to her teammate. Unfortunately, in her sloppy state, she somehow relayed that it was the girls complaining about Kimmie’s taco, instead of bitter loser chef Royce. Um, what? How could that possibly be what she heard, you ask? Check out the clip below for a fuller understanding of Tiffany’s BAC. Slur-levels are high.

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