Tonight In Food TV: James Oseland Strips Pool Boys At Drunk Brunch On Top Chef Masters

On tonight’s Top Chef: Masters, the remaining chefs must cook a brunch buffet for Holly Madison and 150 of her closest friends. That is, if Takashi and Art Smith can pick their jaws up off the ground after her arrival and delivery of the challenge for long enough to cook breakfast. And some of her friends are coming from a birthday party the night before, so, um, they might be hungover, Holly reminds the chefs.

So, naturally, the daytime cocktails start flowing, the croque madames sizzle on the griddle, and James Oseland starts giddily stripping pool boys. Wait, what?! Yes, Saveur editor-slash-very esteemed and shmancy Top Chef: Masters judge James Oseland gets a little on the trashed side of tipsy at brunch and takes matters into his own hands when a cluster of bikini-clad women fail to get a pool boy to take his shirt off.

James marches right on over to the ripped hunk of manflesh (née “Warren”) and strips his shirt right off. And then he grabs another equally buff guy and steals his shirt, too! James Oseland is shameless, you guys. Also, his gleeful drunk giggles are totally priceless, and he spends part of the clip gushing over how beautiful one slightly bashful poolside lady looks in her yellow bikini. Sigh. Add him to our wishlist of celebrity BFFs.

Check out the clip below and tune into Top Chef: Masters tonight at 10pm on Bravo.

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