Here’s The Wine To Drink If You Think the Duck Commander Is Full of S***

There’s a new lawsuit brewing (or should we say fermenting?) between the Duck Dynasty and its wine label, Duck Commander Wines, and Duckhorn Wine Company. And frankly, because we can’t believe that A&E has magically forgiven the Duck Commander for his batshit commentary on homosexuality and race, we say DRINK ALL THE DUCKHORN WINES OUT THERE.

TMZ shares that Duckhorn Wine Company is suing Duck Commander Wines, claiming that Duck Commander’s $9.99, Walmart-friendly prices are diluting the good name of Duckhorn’s fancy-schmancy wines. (A bottle of Duckhorn Merlot goes for about $54.) Of course, Duck Commander wines claim that Duckhorn has no right to the duck motif in the wine business, and that it can and will continue selling high-class wines, such as Triple Threat Red Blend, Wood Duck Chardonnay and Miss Priss Pink Moscato.

So far the judge hasn’t made a ruling on the lawsuit, but we conclude this: let the Phil Robertson supporters have their homophobic Chick-Fil-A. We’ll raise a glass of Duckhorn now and to the day when this loony is off the airwaves and out of our lives.


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