WATCH: Duff Goldman Makes Joey Fatone A Giant Little Shop Of Horrors Cake

Last night, buried between the cleavage of the Kardashian TV franchise’s twin installments, aired a new E! special called LA Sugar, starring a lot of high-strung female cupcakers, and Duff Goldman. What is Duff “B’more” Goldman doing in the land of tan, thin, blonde bakers, you might ask? Pouring his life into Charm City Cakes West, the Los Angeles outpost of his Baltimore flagship bakery.

On the special, we got to watch him kvetch about how all celebrities want their cakes free, done with less than 72 hour notice, and also, free. Maybe this is why those Price Is Right contestants bid a tragic few hundred bucks on a $1200 Charm City cake that one time

Anyway, in spite of accidentally spilling silver cake paint all over Joey Fatone’s Audrey II-shaped birthday cake (in honor of his Broadway stint in Little Shop of Horrors), Duff successfully executed the N*syncer’s surprise confection at the behest of his 11-year-old daughter (who’s one of those freakishly well-composed Hollywood Kid types and organized the cake order all by herself).

Check out Duff’s big reveal to Joey below. We’ll be giving you a call on Dominique Ansel’s next birthday to deliver that Sharknado Cronami cake we’ve been discussing.

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