Duff Goldman Had A Crazy Dream And Predicted The Super Bowl’s Final Score

Hardcore cake man Duff Goldman is also a huge Baltimore Ravens fan (as he’s not ashamed of telling you), and in some of the tweets in his feed, you can see how much he loves his hometown team. And on Sunday, he called a radio station and perfectly predicted the final outcome of Super Bowl 2013. And he did it based on a dream.

He is not making this up, he insisted to Flavor HD on Chicago’s Radio 720. Right after the Ravens beat the Patriots in the AFC Championships (BOO!), Duff laid his shiny head to rest and started having football visions about the Ravens’ future game against the San Francisco 49ers.

“I had a dream,” he insisted yesterday, “and I’ll go on record now to say this: I had a dream that the score was 31-34, Ravens, in overtime. It’s gonna be weird, isn’t it? (And this is why he didn’t plan on making a consolation cake: “We’re not gonna need one.”)

Apart from the overtime bit (which could have happened, given how close the game was at the end), he got everything right. In fact, his predictions were more accurate that those of statistics wizard Nate Silver (who predicted a 49ers win), which goes to show you: dreams are better than math in predicting the future. How you like that burrito for losers now, Silver?

Also: Duff Goldman, who was once a pretty rich man, is now likely an extremely rich man.

[Flavor HD]

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