Dynasty: Gordon Ramsay’s Daughter Is Getting Her Own Cooking Show

A while ago, Gordon Ramsay announced that he was canceling one of his flagship shows, Kitchen Nightmares. The world was like, Oh no, what will television be like without one less Ramsay show, etc. But now it appears that he is passing on his grand television legacy to his heir: a 12-year-old girl.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Tilly Ramsay is set to star on an as-of-now-unnamed television show, to be aired on CBBC (basically, the Disney Channel of the BBC) in two years. She and her family members will produce the show — no, really, her 13-year-old brother will be behind the camera — and has started filming in America.

And how well will Tilly, who Gordon has deemed the best cook in the Ramsay household, carry on the family’s proud heritage of swearing? Gordon is apparently not going to allow it: “Tilly’s only 12 and she’s a sweetheart, so of course she won’t be swearing. I have told her that they are not clever words but sometimes they just slip out.”

A shame, since the family motto is Ad Te Stupri Asino.

[The Daily Mail]

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