Tonight in Food TV: Eat, Drink, Love Moves to a New Night

In spite of Kat Odell’s adorable omnomnom face, pictured above, the worst thing to happen to women in the food industry in recent memory moves to Thursday nights this week; do not be alarmed by its appearance on your DVR tonight. What you may be alarmed by, however, is either Brenda Urban’s sure-to-be cringe-worthy confrontation regarding Kat’s “reputation” in the industry, and/or Jessica Miller’s apparent DL firing, via a PR email sent to Kat. All of this is awkward. All of this can be found on a TV box near you tonight at 10pm.

Check out a couple of sneak peeks below.

WATCH: All the References to Weight, Plus an Epic Slut-Shaming From Bravo’s Eat, Drink, Love Premiere
WATCH: Top Chef’s Malibu Chris Inexplicably Drowns in Honeys on Eat, Drink, Love
WATCH: Thomas ‘The Pope’ Keller Makes a Cameo on Eat, Drink, Love

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