comScore Eat Drink Love Episode 5 Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Tonight in Food TV: Can the Eat, Drink, Love Ladies Manage To Be Supportive Humans?

We think they might! Well, there will also be a massive fight between Brenda and Lindsay once the ladies trek up to Napa for the customary Bravo-subsidized Real Housewife getaway where everybody drives each other crazy and drunken brawling ensues. But before that, there’s a really touching moment of lady solidarity!

Jessica Miller apparently gets fired from her restaurant group due to a sheisty coworker sabotage, but Brenda Urban (and, to a lesser extent, Kat Odell) rally to remind her that she has a talented network of lady friends in the industry who will help get her back on track.

…Okay, everyone’s probably BSing her just because she’s crying, but we appreciate the effort just the same. Check out a sneak peek of the meltdown below.

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