WATCH: Eat, Drink, Love Business Deal Falls Through Because Crafts Were Insulted

Last night in Steps Back for Feminism, Eat, Drink, Love soared to new heights of representing women in the food industry preposterously. A semi-awkward meeting transpired between Jessica Miller: Marketing Director, and a mixologist named Lindsay, about creating a cocktail menu for one of Jessica’s restaurants. No big.

Jessica later invites everyone to Pink Taco for a girl-power get-together, for which she sweetly crafted pink glitter sake set party favors for each lady. Whatever. Lindsay insults said crafts, muttering “shit’s kinda lame” to Nina Clemente within earshot of, we guess, everyone.

Jessica snaps and announces that the cocktail deal is off, because if she had $5000 in the budget, she’d spend it on something worthwhile, “like the billboard.” Allow us to reiterate that this very professional exchange went down at a party over guac and chips. And that it was spurned by craft insults.

Okay then, now that we’re all caught up, you can check out the train wreck below and then put your heads down quietly along with us.

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