WATCH: Eat, Drink, Love Trailer Drops, Bravo Inexplicably Keeps Trying To Make Chris Crary A Thing

Look, friends: Malibu Chris had his place and time. That place was Texas, and that time was Top Chef Season 9 AKA TWO YEARS AGO. And we respect Bravo’s first, sad attempt to make him A Thing — when he started hosting live-tweeting sessions for Top Chef: Seattle’s Last Chance Kitchen. He was fan favorite of the previous season; it made vague sense. But when the only robot person who engaged with Chris during those live-tweet sessions was the @BravoTopChef account intern, couldn’t we call that the nail in the Malibu coffin? Apparently not.

In its continuing quest to make Chris Crary relevant, Bravo shoehorned him into its new reality series Eat, Drink, Love, which stars five Los Angeles food industry ladies, fooding it up on the food scene. With foods! (And wine — wink!) One dramatic storyline apparently involves a love triangle with Chris, a PR harpy, and a writer. Tears are shed. Do we really need to be shedding tears over a man whose castmates nicknamed him “Malibu Chris”? Pull yourselves together, ladies. You all have such great hair.

You can check out the trailer below.

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