Eat, Drink, Love’s White Trash-Gate: ‘I Have Revoked Her as My Girl Crush’ (VIDEO)

Last week, among the tears that were shed and feelings that were felt in Eat, Drink, Love’s glass case of emotion, was Jess Miller’s stung ego: Waylynn Lucas designated her party food contribution (Lay’s chips and onion dip) “trailer park hummus.” (See all our feelings about that here.)

Last night, Jess tried ever-so-gingerly to confront Waylynn, who, to be fair, is an older and more successful woman than Jess (also, Waylynn is seemingly sane and grounded), and could thus be viewed as intimidating. It didn’t go well.

To wit, Jess admitted to Brenda and Kat later: “I would just like to say, as a giant secret, that I have revoked her as my girl crush.”

Watch the white trash dip-gate saga come to a close (we hope) below.


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