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Restaurateur Sues Eataly For Broken Glass Linguine At La Pizza & Pasta

Mario Batali, you were the sweetest thing that we ever knew. But we don’t care for sugar, honey, if we can’t dine at Eataly without causing permanent damage to our mouths. Since you’ve abandoned your standards, one restaurateur’s life (or just mouth?) has been shattered. Won’t you pick the pieces up, Mario? ‘Cause it feel an awful lot like…munchin’ on, munchin’ on broken glass.

Annie Lennox jokes, aside, WTF is this? A Massachusetts tourist named Fabio de Oliveira, who also happens to be a restaurateur, sat down at La Pizza & Pasta inside Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich’s gargantuan Italian megastore earlier this year, and was apparently forever orally disfigured. His order of linguine and seafood came topped with unnoticed shards of broken glass which he bit down on, resulting cuts that required stitches and may have caused damage to his sense of taste and ability to speak. Bummer.

“There was a lot of blood coming out of my mouth,” he told The New York Post.

Here’s where it gets fishy: he didn’t alert the restaurant staff to the issue until 20 minutes after he had paid the check with a 20% tip and left. He then came back and was taken to the hospital.

De Oliveira is suing for unspecified damages.

[New York Post h/t Grub Street]

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